Contact Management

Add Contact
Edit Contact
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Move Contact – List management
Unsubscribe Contact – Compliance
Suppress Contact – Compliance
Delete Contact
Get Contact


Create Tag
Assign Tag To Contact
Remove Tag From Contact
Add Category (read notes – adds contact to category)

List Tags
List Trackable Links
List Categories

Message Management

List Responders (List lists)
Add to List


Total Contacts By Tag
Total Contacts Clicked Day
Total Contacts Clicked Tag
Total Contacts Opened Day
Total Contacts Opened Tag

List Contacts By Tag
List Contacts With Tag

List Clicks
List Contacts Clicked
List Contacts Clicked Link
List Contacts Clicked Tag

List Contacts Not Clicked Opened

List Contacts Opened AR Message
List Contacts Opened Broadcast

List Contacts Opened
List Contacts Opened Tag
List Autoresponder Emails

Calling The API