Status Options, Settings, Meanings

The basic status and options settings handy reference.   For the times when anything not a zero don’t compute and you need to start somewhere Autoresponder Status Options The meaning the current status of the autoresponders. Is it: 0 – Live 1 – Disabled 2 – Sending Paused 3 – Prevent New Subscription They mean: Live […]

List of all API functions

Contact Management Add Contact Edit Contact Contact Fields Move Contact – List management Unsubscribe Contact – Compliance Suppress Contact – Compliance Delete Contact Get Contact Segmentation Create Tag Assign Tag To Contact Remove Tag From Contact Add Category (read notes – adds contact to category) List Tags List Trackable Links List Categories Message Management List Responders (List lists) […]

Standard Contact Fields

The following standard fields are available for each contact record: email_address title first_name middle_name last_name full_name format_preference company department address_1 address_2 address_3 city state postal_code country alternative_email_address_1 alternative_email_address_2 alternative_email_address_3 phone_number_1 phone_number_2 phone_number_3 mobile_phone_number_1 mobile_phone_number_2 mobile_phone_number_3 fax_number_1 fax_number_2 fax_number_3