Calling the API

Passing parameters: via POST is harder but has the advantage that the Parameters: do not appear in the URL. Calling from a server If the API is to be called from a server script (probably in PHP), the recommended way to pass Parameters: via POST is to use the CURL functions. For example: <?php //  […]


The coding requires that for some processes, the API functions should be used in a logical progressive process. This basic understanding of how our software works will help speed up your implementation of integrating the API functions. The software is a contact management solution which also has mass emailing capabilities and functionality.  The primary unique […]


Contents Responses are sent for: confirmation of API call error messages returned data Responses are returned in either JSON or XML format. The default is JSON, the format is specified in the URL after the api Function call:. JSON Response Format Responses are in standard JSON format. The response contains pairs for: status – ok […]

Making API Requests

You make requests to the API by issuing HTTP calls to an API URL in your arpReach system. This will be your base URL followed by /api. The examples shown are for an installation where arpReach is installed in directory “a” of domain “example.com”. API Functions The API provides various functions such as add contact, […]

API Key Security

API Key Security Your arpReach API allows you to control and access numerous functions within arpReach. To prevent abuse by third parties we strongly recommend you restrict access to your API keys using the facilities outlined here. When creating an API key you have the optional ability to restrict the usage access of each API […]

Managing Your API Keys

Managing Your API Keys To access the arpReach API, you need to create an API key within the arpReach software. You can create as many API keys as you need for the integrations you will be creating. By enabling and disabling keys within arpReach, you can control which other applications can access your arpReach data […]


Welcome to the arpReach API The arpReach API lets you integrate the arpReach Gold software into your application quickly and easily. We have provided some sample code so you can start integrating instantly. If you need assistance, please visit arpReach support and raise a help desk ticket: http://support.arpreach.com Version Compatibility The API was introduced into […]